About BBM 
BBM Tile Care is the choice, as Canada’s only truly national tile and grout restoration services company. Our national presence is driven by our advantage; our people, our performance, and our unique client perspective.

BBM advantage is supported by our team of managers and operators. A team that knows through experience, as a significant cost of customer’s operations, tile & grout  restoration services remains one of our customer’s key considerations in their business operation. 

Our unique client perspective recognizes there are several critical elements that impact the reputation and perception of any property or facility; the delivery of  tile & grout restoration services is significant. 

Our client perspective recognizes the value our customers place on governance, an increasing consideration of today’s business stakeholders. Our commitment to the Canadian market is impressive; BBM has over 30 years of combined experience in the tile & grout restoration Services, providing tile & grout  restoration & regrouting services, resulting in experience you can trust, technology based solutions, comprehensive services and innovative quality control programs. 

"You Supply the Problem, We Supply the Solution"
The World of BBM Tile Care 
BBM Tile Care is the Largest Tile & Grout Restoration Company In North America!!
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